Top Wedding Trends for 2017 and the Color Palettes to Top Them All


It's no secret that lovers of interior design also have a deep passion for wedding season. Each event become a mini design project as the bride and her entourage seek to create a day that is perfect for everyone, meets every expectation, and maintains a high level of unique spontaneity. 

It's not easy, and we're here to help you start planning your wedding with the top wedding trends of 2017 and the color palettes to top them all. (All color palettes via Design-Seeds.)

Ball Gown Meets Glam City

Rustic Rose Meets Pinewood Forest

Lady of Lace Meets Floral Fantasy


Luv2Dezin Inc. is a full-service interior design and remodeling firm in Redlands, California. All color palettes in this article are courtesy of Design-Seeds.


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