5 Easy and Beautiful Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

If your living room, great room, or home office lacks enough natural light, adding a mirror directly across from any window will multiply the light. But instead of hanging a random mirror on the wall, follow our five tips for doing so with effortless style, preventing your mirrors from looking like afterthoughts in your design.

5 Easy and Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Living Room with Mirrors

Queen Victoria


An oval mirror with an engraved, rectangular frame is the perfect fit for this foyer just off the formal sitting room. Flanked by coordinating artwork and matching, high-backed chairs, this is a full ensemble fit for a queen.

Vintage Hollywood


Shades of vanilla and gray are glamorized with rose gold fixtures in this setting. The mirror's reflection doubles the size and impact of the pendant while the foyer table beneath it is perfectly styled and prevents the aesthetic from becoming too asture.

Oriental Nights


These diamond-shaped, mirrored pieces of artwork create a beautiful backdrop for the lamp. When the lamp is turned on, it's light will multiple in a sparkling array due to the mirrored collage behind it.

Cool Monochrome


This mirror blends seamlessly with the artwork around it. The frames aren't "matchy-matchy" but closer to an eclectic aesthetic. The heavy, ornate table beneath the mirror grounds the entire look. Plus, the mix of wood frames and metal table ornaments create an attractive blend.

Mirror Equality


A dozen mirrors on one wall? Yes, it can be done. These identical mirrors create an artistic, retrograde collage that mixes well with the vintage furniture. This look requires that each mirror be perfectly level and in line with the other mirrors above, below, and adjacent to it.


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