5 Colorful Dining Rooms to Inspire Your Next Project

Whether your dining room is used for only hosting or is enjoyed daily, choosing the right color scheme is imperative. Not only must your dining room flow with the rooms around it, it must also provide a place where stress, negative drama, and other digestion-preventing situations are less likely to occur. 

Here are 5 dining rooms that use color to create a positive psychological response:


1 | Storm Blue + Crystal

Because blue is a symbol of stability, it is often used to evoke trust and confidence. Using blue as your primary dining room color is a smart move that allows your family and guests to feel more at ease during dinner. 

The crystal chandelier overhead provides the same magical ambiance you feel when looking up at the stars, while the white paint allows the ceiling to feel higher than it really is.

In keeping with the colors of a stormy sky, the area rug provides a blend of every color in the room and the wall art adds dimension and reflection.


2 | Mariner Navy + Sea Coral Pink

This shade of blue is perfect for seaside homes or any home that leans toward a nautical theme. This rich shade of blue is vibrant without being outrageous and is paired well with the hot pink table runner and white / blue patterned dining chairs.

Splashes of pink on the chandelier, art, and matching lamps pull the room together perfectly.


3 | Airforce Blue + Cream

A more dignified use of blue, this dining room relies on metallic art and fixtures to make a statement. The large crystal chandelier and ivory / gold patterned drapes mimic the medals on a decorated soldier’s uniform, making this an ideal dining room design for those who hold our Armed Forces near and dear.


4 | Daffodil Yellow + Nude

A peppy shade of yellow must not be allowed to run rampant around the room, which is why this space is grounded with nude and dark beige. Yellow accents go a long way against a backdrop of white.


5 | Tangerine + Earth

Dark, earthy, but not overly masculine, this small dining room uses tangerine chevron dining chairs and chocolate colored walls to create a calm, alert atmosphere. The crystal chandelier and large mirror prevent the space from becoming too dark.

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