How to Create a Rustic & Fresh Living Space in Your Home

Your living room, family room, and great room are the summary of your lifestyle. Does your space convey the right message? If your daily mantra involves natural, healthy choices and fresh air, your aesthetic of choice is most likely rustic.

But does this mean you need to build a timber-framed home or invest in a log home? It can, but it doesn’t have to. Instead, you can take your traditional, stick-framed home from a blank or outdated space to one that speaks from the heart.

Here are six ways you can add rustic charm to your living spaces without going full out Quaker style:


1 | Make white the dominant color

While the words “rustic” and “fresh” immediately conjure up colors like green and brown, we prefer to take a different approach. With white as the main color, you can add any muted color to balance it—green, brown, yellow, navy, etc.


2 | Select reclaimed wood furniture

A few pieces go a long way, so don’t feel like every piece of furniture in your living room needs to be constructed of reclaimed materials. Choose some focal pieces—like a bar cart, side table, or coffee table—to highlight your eco-friendly values.


3 | Choose earth-toned items carefully

Your living room doesn’t need to look like a forest in order to evoke that calming sensation you crave. Add deep colors and one or two earthy tones to one sofa, one rug, or one ottoman and let the remaining furniture explore shades of beige, cream, gray, or even pastels.


4 | Use stationary drapery with no valances or cornices

While beautiful, valances, cornices, and mobile drapery tends to make windows feel asture and crowded when in the presence of an airy, rustic aesthetic. We recommend stationary drapery panels with a delicate and subtle print (so that they don’t blend in with your wall color).


5 | Add tie beams and paint them white

This eclectic space uses navy, gold, and white with splashes of orange and brown to create a wild but domestic appeal. The white tie beams ground the room and accentuate the vaulted ceilings.


6 | Install stone to a full wall

Placing stone on and around the fireplace is expected, but covering an entire wall with it induces continuity. The wall seems to go on forever, widening the room and bringing a native, basic vibe.


7 | Place tongue-and-groove on the walls and ceiling

Simplistic and minimal, tongue-and-grove is a great way to create a rustic space without using a lot of décor.


8 | Source textured canvas art

Canvas art that bears touchable ridges and valleys created by the original artist’s brush are best. Canvas art that has been mass produced via printing will not have the same affect. We often source art from galleries local to our client’s home, as these are great places to find touchable, limited edition pieces.


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