How to Prep Your Guest Bedroom for the Holidays


As holiday season approaches, you are likely getting ready to welcome at least one guest. Being a good host requires more than providing food and shelter for your beloved traveler. It also means ensuring their comfort and ease are your top priorities. 

In light of this, we are going to help you adapt a designer's perspective into the way you look at and prepare your guest bedroom.

1 | Guest room furniture layout


From a gorgeous bedding ensemble to throw pillows and seating, your guest room needs to envelope a weary traveler in relaxation. We love how the room above is a finished space with bedside tables, an upholstered bench and leather chair, as well as a mirror-topped dresser. 

Furniture like this makes it possible for your guest to settle in for the days or weeks they are with you. The layout of the room is based on the bed placement, and everything is easily accessible.

2 | Guest room window treatments


Provide your guest with an interior deadbolt or keyed lock to make them feel safe and secure, especially if they are traveling with expensive technology or jewelry. You may want to consider placing a small safe in the closet for guests to use.

Most of all, make sure the windows are properly covered, especially if the room is on ground level or near a deck. A combination of drapery with shades or blinds can keep the room as private as your guest needs it to be and will also block sunlight on those lazy post-Thanksgiving mornings.

3 | Guest bathroom


Offering a guest room is one matter, but offering a guest bathroom will take your hosting skills to a new height. Many guests will feel uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with other members of the household, and rightly so. 

If your guest bedroom doesn't have an adjoining bathroom, designate the nearest bathroom as "guests only" and notify the rest of the household. Have the bathroom freshly cleaned and prepped with rolled or folded towels, aromatic hand soap (unless your guests prefer fragrance-free), and makeup-quality lighting.

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