Our Process

Exceptional Service is at your fingertips

Our client’s are just like you! Some just need help choosing paint colors or making selections for a new bath in their home, others want to remove the headache of construction planning and turn to our talented designers to guide them throughout the process. 

Whether you want every last detailed handled for you or you just need advice and resources, we make it easy and fun for you. From master planning your future home to sourcing furniture and accessories, our team does it all!

The first step is to decide how little or how much you need in the services we offer:

  • Do you need advice only and will do all the work yourself?
  • Perhaps you're busy with a career and family and need us to do all the work?
  • Are you ready for that kitchen or bathroom renovation and need an expert to help you with selections?
  • Did you recently purchase a home or second home and need it decorated quickly?
  • If you have a home outside the local area that needs our help, are you willing to assist us with the measuring and photographing of rooms?

The second step is to either call us (877-829-0277) or fill out the form on our Contact Us pageWe will respond within 24 hours and have a discussion about your design project.

The last step is knowing you have  selected a wonderful interior designer who can help you create and tell your story the way you envisioned it.